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Top 10 Interview Questions for Front-end, Web, ui, JavaScript Developers

Gauging candidates knowledge of Javascript, HTML, CSS skills in less than an hour is certainly a challenging task. It is almost impossible to calibrate candidates success at the company by asking technical questions.

If some one can answer below technical questions, does not guarantee they are great developers and vice versa.

I have compiled some of the great questions which tests candidates Front-end development skills. All of the following concepts are important in day to day development.

Interviewing Tips

  • Present couple of questions which are the most important to you. Then give the candidate an opportunity to pick question from one of them.

  • Start with a joke / meme. Remember its an interview not an interrogation. Have some fun :)
    Why did a JavaScript developer goto chiropractor? : Because his Backbone got Angular from a Knockout with Ember.

Closures & Currying





Note: There are enough JavaScript / Front-end related problems. I would ask algorithmic questions only if it is mandated by company policy.

Hire talent and train them rather than hiring trained people.